GT Soldier



GT Soldier

GT Soldier is a Rapping Sri Lankan Dragon From Outer Space.

GT Landed on Earth from his mothership Apophis.

GT Soldier is a Rap Hybrid with a Futuristic Digital Sound.

Halloween is Everyday Here!

GT Soldier was a victim of False Incarceration and Brutality!

GT Soldier is a Titanium Bulletproof Suicidal Clown with Armed Presidential Security Guards trained to T.O.S.

GT Soldier is known for his “Joker” Clown Face with Fendi Gold Shades with, “IT” The Clown hair made out of feathers.

GT Soldier sports tons of Fine jewelry and a diamond grill strapped in a Level III Bulletproof Vest and Gold Crown..

GT Soldier is the definition of entertainment with Hype Chaotic Shows and Super Hyper Alien Energy directed from the Galaxy. 



Apophis Music 2021

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GT Soldier Official Videos

KKK (Killa Klown King)