Month: May 2021

GT Soldier Slams The Internet With a 2021 Positive Inspirational Apophis Rap you Can’t Deny!

Garland Wright II A.K.A GT Soldier is not letting false convictions and probation mess up his "GOOD DAY!" Every day should be good day. What makes your day good? What do you a consider a good day? Please Comment Below!


A proud tax payer that loves serving as a juror and locking black men up has been caught on camera destroying a beautiful George Floyd Memorial that was made to represent the life a man that died in the injustice arms. Floyd was a victim of police brutality by...

POPO seizes 68 big cats from Tiger King park

Federal law enforcement officers have seized nearly 70 protected big cats from Jeffrey and Lauren Lowe's Thackerville, Oklahoma, Tiger King Park, the Department of Justice said Thursday. The Lowes, who have been accused of mistreating the animals, are best known for their appearance in the popular "Tiger King" docu-series.  Officials seized a...

GT Soldier is creating Magic that is changing the world!

Fake Criminal Justice will turn a genius into a magician when it comes to pork!

GT Soldier Wakes The World Up While “Dreamin”

False incriminations and injustice has created a movement of protection against the wicked evils that rule the world. GT Soldier lets off some steam with his new single "Dreamin" Let us know what you think about it? How it makes you feel?

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