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GT Soldier is a Rapping LEGACY

Looking at entertainment Killa Klown is King. GT Soldier spits his new trap music "Legacy" for all the true legends out there. #xxnx #xxx #legacy #gtsoldier #music #killerclown #killaclown

GT Soldier Halloween 2021 Rapping Clown

GT Soldier Pulled Up Xnxx Halloween 2021 - YouTube

Are you ready for the Internet Apocalypse

Earth will get hit with so much heat that the internet will disappear. Will this be natural or staged IDK IDC. The world will protest and wild the fudge out!

Killa Klown King

Killa Klown - YouTube GT Soldier Killa Klown King

KKK Mixtape

Killa Klown - YouTube GT Soldier drops KKK (Killa Klown King) Hardcore Rap Mixtape 2021

XNXX Killa Clown Music Video Apophis Music