Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Injustice turned me into a Clown!”

Born Garland Wright II (a.k.a GT Soldier) who grew up in Hempstead, Long Island, New York was taught some tough, priceless survival tactics that he learned along his scary journey in this so-called life. GT Soldier went from being a Christian rapper to a “Soldier” ready for a spiritual war; “Killa Clown”, After being Jeopardized, Robbed, Lied To, Falsely Convicted, Falsely Incarcerated (2x), and Set up by lawyers and Racist KKK law enforced Jury for an Illegal upstate sentence that would of completely destroyed GT’s Finances, Soul, Relationship, Job, Driving Privileges, and maybe his whole entire life.

One of GT Soldier’s best practices of survival was to open up the soul and sing about “How You Feel” and externalize your emotions, feelings, and words before it takes control of you. He lives his life with diamond principles that keep him focused on his energy and radiates a sound that is addicting and hyper electric.

“Open up the soul and sing about “How You Feel”

Since GT was a child, he was making hot beats on his Mommas’ kitchen floor, singing any lyrics that came to his mind (mostly God songs) because is mother was a die-hard Christian that introduced him to GOD.

Growing up, he has always created music to deal with issues he faced internally, and today he is inspiring the world with his God gifted talents using his lyrics, sound, creativity, art, and energy that everybody can feel worldwide!

GT Soldier is well known around areas in PA, NJ and NY, and many respect his talents and stage presence, even the ones who didn’t at first like Hip Hop or Rap. They have been inspired by his music which tells a message which touches their lives in different ways. His music is taking spirits to new heights using the knowledge he’s learned in Digital Audio classes at LCCC. When he wasn’t doing homework, he was making musical beats or trying something new in his studio.

GT is a very Talented Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Engineer, and emerging Hip Hop, Rap Mogul. He is very computer swavy and stays up to date with the latest technology and software. This helps him create his own meaningful sounds making him very unique compared to other musicians.

GT Soldier
GT Soldier

Aware of all of his pain and problems while growing up, GT started his own music career to teach others about the system, God, and bad company. He presently creates music that speaks to this generation.

He has performed at Crash Mansion in NY , International Music Festival in Vegas, Drop On Top Ent. Events, F.L.O Empire radio events and several other venues. His flow is tight and his music will elevate you to new heights. GT is taking music to a whole new level in 2016.

After deleting over 250,000 plays on youtube in 2015, he’s started brand new for 2016. Reason, music needs to change because of all of the influences, violence, divisions, degrading activities and habits that are affecting us all. He decided it was time to help others through music in a Fresh and Clean way by starting his career over. GT believes it’s time to show the world what GT Soldier can really do with his amazing talents to birth music for change. With years of experience under his belt, you won’t find a more qualified individual to create platinum records with that will be around for years to come but GT.

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